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"You can help yourself get a higher credit score with the Knowledge contained in this book. A high credit score is critical if you want to buy a home, car or get a responsible job. Learn the legal secrets to fast improvement as well as long term strategies to keep your credit score high. Dispel the myths with this insiders look behind the curtains. Secrets revealed here for the first time will help you become the master of your financial destiny.During the course of practicing Law for 37 years, I have spent countless hours consulting with people regarding whether or not to proceed with the purchase of a home and how to go about doing it if it’s right for them at that time. It has been on my mind for some time that it would be a win-win situation for all if I put down the facts and knowledge I have acquired during these decades of study and experience. Needless repetition is avoided this way and we all win from that.This book contains a summarization of objective facts as well as my thinking on these matters that will be of great value to those who read it. It has become apparent that this compilation of the results of my studies will save the reader money that might otherwise have been spent on attorney’s fees. Clearly a knowledgeable attorney should be hired at some point if you decide to complete the purchase of a home. I know this book will give you a firm base of knowledge that will make that attorney’s job easier in that you will be such a knowledgeable partner in the business at hand that no one will think about underestimating you in any way. For advice that is specific to your own personal circumstances, you should consult your own trusted professional.This comprehensive, reliable and thorough road map is written for the newcomer to the process of home buying, but it is also rich in detail useful to those who already have some knowledge through their own experience and study. We are all students here and always will be. The law is constantly changing and always will change and evolve with time. Knowledge is power.The advice on maximizing your credit score is so useful and comprehensive that it alone is worth the price of the book. Regardless of whether you ultimately proceed to buy a home, you will benefit greatly from the knowledge gained by following through on what you learn from this chapter.For most people, the decision of whether or not to buy a home is the single most important financial decision they will ever make. Although choosing where you will live long term is an emotional process, that process can be quite rewarding and I have tried to keep this factor in mind. However, let it be clear that the business side of the equation must ultimately have the greater weight in all final decisions. Start by learning to think ahead, I mean really ahead and you will do just fine.The information contained in this book is for informational purposes only. There is no substitute for discussing your individual situation with your own attorney. It is my hope that your dealings with professionals will be aided by what you learn here.Let’s put it together right! I will help you think it through, that’s a promise. As you begin weighing whether or not to buy a home there is something you can do right away to satisfy your urge to take concrete action. Obtain and review all three Credit reports (it’s free once a year}. You can obtain your free credit report from the three major credit bureaus at Beware of the other sites you see advertised as being free because they are trying to sell you a credit monitoring service for a monthly fee. You may or may not decide to do monthly monitoring at some point but you may as well get your three free ones first.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000176050517
    • ISBN:  9781301334490

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