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    Press Release The Trillion Dollar Sure Thing by David A. Mallach Penhurst Books (2014) The master of the financial thriller delivers his fifth novel, a blistering glimpse into the murky depths of world finance and terrorism where both downfall and redemption occur without regard for wealth, power, or prestige. Taking a turn towards a darker, more enigmatic protagonist than Mallach's earlier work, The Trillion Dollar Sure Thing introduces rookie Senator Beckett Rosemore who emerges as Mallach's next fallible hero, a man destined for greatness but struggling against his own demons. Written by novelist and acclaimed money manager David A. Mallach, The Trillion Dollar Sure Thing offers a chilling glimpse into the future of global terrorism that may be much closer than we care to imagine. Set in a tumultuous world where the struggle for power plays out in a deadly triangle between America, China, and a group of radical terrorists calling themselves Allahs Fortune, Mallach artfully crafts a thrilling tale of espionage, terror, and violent change. The Trillion Dollar Sure Thing is a fast paced, all-out race against time. Mallach's post-9/11 world is an arena in which different, warring beliefs collide and ricochet, leaving us with a foreboding glimpse into the struggle between destruction and salvation in the new world order that looms on our horizon. The Trillion Dollar Sure Thing reminds us that the end can come for us either surreptitiously or right through the front door. The result will be the same. Recognizing the need to assure their unfettered access to oil, the lifeblood of their economic survival, the Chinese unveil their secret weapon, the Sun Shili. Its a top-secret, super aircraft carrier, a behemoth war machine twice the size of anything in the U.S. fleet, and its steaming straight for the Persian Gulf in a risky game of chicken. Are the Chinese willing to risk an all-out confrontation with the United States in order to solidify their position in the Middle East, or do they have a different agenda, namely destabilizing the world economy by dumping the trillions in U.S. bonds they own? When an opportunistic group of economic terrorists gets an inside tip about China's intent, they embark upon a new form terrorism—economic terrorism—the likes of which the world has yet to see but someday surely will. The murder of a well-known reporter at one of Washingtons biggest newspapers lights the fuse to a powder keg, and the race is on. What secret was he on to that cost him his life? The trail leads Beckett to a beautiful, red-headed medium, Camille OKeefe, who understands that far greater Universal forces are at play as well. Able to cross through the limits of perception, Camille infuses The Trillion Dollar Sure Thing with a spirit of mysticism and possibility that reminds us there is always another way. Senator Rosemore must use both his political connections and bare-knuckled survival skills he acquired as an Special Forces operative to negotiate with the Chinese while also tracking down the terrorists trying to capitalize on American misfortune. Theres no turning back. Times are changing. No matter the outcome, the world will not remain the same. A billion Chinese can't be wrong, but centuries of war in the Middle East have hardened the Arab peoples resolve. All the while, the world financial system teeters in the balance. Where will the chips fall after Beckett Rosemore takes an ancient conflict to new levels?

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      • Ano de Edição: 2014
      • Ano:  2014
      • País de Produção: Canada
      • Código de Barras:  2001110820654
      • ISBN:  9780578159102

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