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RECENTLY UPDATED FOR 2017! With high-resolution images, a food dictionary, and information on Italian coffee, pasta, and salumi, this is the definitive guide to the foods of Italy. Food guides for the ultra curious, Approach Guides take an in-depth look at a destination’s local cuisine to help you understand its food culture, navigate menus and discover regional specialties. Italy offers an unrivaled culinary experience. With a food landscape that changes from region to region, there is always something you have not tried. But the really special thing is when you taste an old favorite that redefines how you think about it from then on: osso bucco from Lombardia, prosciutto di Parma from Emilia-Romagna, mozzarella di bufala from Campania, or even something as everyday as coffee in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It is your to discover. What’s in this guidebook A region-by-region review. This Approach Guide provides insight into each of Italy’s regions, giving you detailed information on local specialties across all courses: antipasti, primi, secondi and dolci. Includes more than 80 high-resolution images. Food culture. Italy takes its food seriously and this guidebook helps you navigate the landscape, covering topics such as when not to order a cappuccino and how much to tip. Italian food basics. To acquaint you with the basics of Italian cuisine, this guidebook offers detailed profiles of Italian salumi and pasta types, as well as a comprehensive Italian-to-English glossary of food-related terms. Recommendations. To help in your selection process, we point out not-to-be-missed local specialties. Information the way you like it. As with all of our guides, this book is optimized for intuitive, quick navigation; information is organized into bullet points to make absorption easy; and the most important information is front and center. We hope that this guidebook enables you to get even more out of what is sure to be an exceptional culinary tour of Italy. Have a great trip and buon appetito! FREE UPDATES  Approach Guides often updates content and releases new editions of its guidebooks. These updates are FREE for existing customers. Please visit for a list of recently updated guides and instructions on downloading the new version.  PRAISE FOR APPROACH GUIDES  Compulsive (and compulsively informed) travelers, the Raezers are the masterminds behind the downloadable Approach Guides, which are filled with a university course-worth of history and insights for 62 destinations worldwide. WHY WE LOVE IT: The Raezers share our desire for deep, well-researched information on the wonders of the world.  - Travel + Leisure  What started as one couple’s travel notes aimed at filling in the gaps in guidebooks has become — a menu of downloadable travel guides that cover cultural and historical topics of interest to thoughtful travelers. What’s hot: Bite-sized travel guides that specialize in topics ranging from 29 pages on the foods of Italy to one that helps you explore the historical and architectural significance of Angkor’s famous temple structures in Cambodia.  - LA Times  Approach Guides encompass the whole cultural experience of a place, whether it is Ancient Buddhist Caves in India and China, Islamic Cairo, Ancient Mediterranean Mosaics, or a Guide to the Regional Foods of Italy. Each guide delves into the subject, truly exploring it (and making you want to GO THERE NOW). Perfect for the thinking traveler, Approach Guides are one of the best travel guides I’ve ever found.  - Wandering Educators

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