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Table of Contents Introduction Tips for a Newbie Check That Attitude That Daily Greeting First Names or Formal Mr, Mrs. or Ms.? Lunchtime Gatherings Getting to Know You … Job Loyalty Super Snooper… Assimilating Habits Taking Instructions Continuous Practice Responsibility Official Rules and Regulations Attendance Good Manners Subconscious and Conscious Assessment Personal Calls Discussing the Question of Salary Beware Of Such Employers… Just a Little Note of Thanks… Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction One is going to wonder why a book needed to be written on business etiquette, especially if you are already working, and you know the rules and regulations, which are followed by every employee in your particular organization. But this is a reminder that there are some tips and techniques, of business etiquette, which we overlook, because possibly we did not know about them, and also possibly because a newer management did not think of implementing these particular business etiquette tips in our working environment, taking into view the 21st century business atmosphere. These business etiquette tips are as effective today, as they were when they were implemented in factories, offices, and other work stations, more than 80 years ago and not only are they practical, but they also have plenty of good common sense and horse sense used in their making. So it does not matter whether you are an employer or an employee. This book is useful for everyone who has taken up a job sometime or somewhere during his lifetime, and wondered about proper etiquette, which nowadays may come under the very un-flexible heading of “rules which have to be followed By All the Employees, Strictly.” A happy enterprise is one, where flexibility of rules except in matters of discipline and the professional working of the employees on a daily day to day basis is relax somewhat according to circumstances, situations, or taking into view a particular scenario at a particular moment in the day to day working of a normal working day at the office. You are going to say that many of these etiquette ideas are outdated, especially when you are not following them in your own particular business environment, or possibly country, for the past couple of generations. But taking all these points in a global context, you need to understand that there are plenty of places all over the world where office codes of behavior and etiquette are still followed in a manner which you would deem old-fashioned and old-school. Naturally, some tips are based on manners, which come under the heading of social etiquette. Others have been modified in keeping with the business environment of today, globally. Also, you may say why I have added a large number of my own experiences, most of them rather funny, but then this is going to introduce you to another working culture, far different from the one in your own city, town or country. So you may enjoy the experiences and feel amused at them. Also, all of them are hundred percent true, so these things can happen and often do happen, especially in the life and interesting times of yours truly.

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