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Table of Contents IntroductionStarting Your Own Nursery – Red RosesPlanting Your RosesFood for your roses –PruningAdded Ingredients in what you buy…Making Traditional Rosewater – the Easy WayInfused Essential OilStarting the Infusion ProcessQuick Kitchen Method:Infused oil rose creams and ointmentsHealthy Traditional Rose JamRose Petals to cure Stomach UlcersTraditional Cooling Rose SherbetConclusionAuthor BioPublisher Introduction In our book series publications, you are going to get informational books about how you can manage your finances, start up your small businesses, and even earn from home along with other useful necessary business and financial management tips. These books are not restricted to millennials only, because I passed the age limit of millennials – 35, more than a decade ago, and you can call me belonging to generation Y. Nevertheless, these books are based upon my experiences and the experiences of my colleagues, friends, relatives, acquaintances and Legion of cohorts. Some of them are millennials, belonging to the generation Z, age group 18 to 35, some are of generation Y, 36 to 60, and some belong to Generation X above 60. They can also find plenty of practical information in these books, and say, “yes, she is right, the financial situation and economic conditions through which we have passed and, of which generation Z does not know anything about, has been a global phenomenon, and we went through it can empathize and understand.” And that is why I decided that at least a couple of my books were going to be based on one single natural product, on which you could build your own small business, without lots of initial investment. The place in which you would make your products based on this ingredient would be either your kitchen or in a nice small corner in your basement, which is well aired, well ventilated and well lighted. Who knows that like Estée Lauder and like grandma Brown, this would be the location for a multibillion-dollar industry 20 years down the line, and you would be known all over the world as the Rose Queen or the Rose King – no doubt that dread appellation would have been bestowed upon you by the cynical press just waiting out there to pounce upon successful people. So today, we are concentrating on one product, roses, of which, we are going to be using the plants, rose petals, their leaves, their hips to make a large number of products. These products have been in use it, throughout the centuries all over the world, so I had to do a little bit of research to get the original recipes for herbal healing jam made in Persia, since ancient times, and then spread all over the world. Rosewater - Made at home Along with this, you are going to learn about healthy lotions and potions, which are going to use Rose items as a base and other natural ingredients as carrier oils. Also, red roses – this book is going to use just one plant, red roses not being not white, because these are not power enough, nor do they have the healing qualities which one expects from a fresh rose or dried rose petals. Remember these books are to help you start up your small businesses, without investing thousands of dollars in seed funding and starting up your business initially. You just need to have that product, right at hand, and a ready supply of red roses.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001120140001
    • ISBN:  9781370699346

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