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How to control cost for IT services - Startup Company Managing cost control for IT Startup Company   Many startup based IT companies they run behind customers to get the business orders by holding the IT staff on bench. But when the customer budget is applied for IT cost cutting the so called IT vendors are burning their fingers in the industry. With reference to my close observations, I found lot of them does not follow the standards, where most of the IT corporates follow to have their cost control. I felt this small practice related content can help globally to IT startup Vendors to be aware of on applying the right process and standards by preventing their future unknown financial burning due to their customers business dynamics. This E-book contains the solutions for small or startup IT companies with the following contents and the relevant graphics to denote the content : Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: The need of financial management for a Startup IT Chapter Three: Questions behind the Financial Management for IT company Chapter Four:  The main processes in financial management Chapter Five:  Budgeting in financial management Chapter Six:  Accounting in financial management Chapter Five: Charging in financial management Chapter Six:  Reporting in financial management Chapter Seven:  The Dos and Don’ts for financial management Chapter Nine: The required Solutions and best practices Chapter Ten:  What are the sub-processes of financial management Chapter Eleven:  The importance of the Enterprise Architecture in place Chapter Twelve: Best practices for financial operations and internal strategy Also felt to share and advise this kind of practices to the project and operational staff to be aware of the management intention in cost savings. It can reduce the resources 11th hour tension or stress due to their company’s business trends. I took lot of pain to convert each chapter related contents into Graphics, where the reader can easily understand and remember for their live practices. Also created many live business related examples. Readers: Every IT team management professional including; team lead, project manager, PMO executives, Finance and Account teams. The customers who are outsourcing the work to different vendors. The IT startup executives.

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    • Coleção:  Efficient IT Services
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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Brazil
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    • ISBN:  1230000900393

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