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Make 2015 The Year You Get That Dream Job...We all know people that seem to be able to move effortlessly from job to job, climbing the ladder and scoring great salary increases in the process. How do they do it?For more than Three Decades, Richard Smith has been a Director and Vice President of successful multinational companies, both Public and Private. He has personally hired more than a thousand people in all kinds of businesses, in countries as diverse as Britain, America, Australia, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, France, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Brazil, Mexico, and some you may never even have heard of. Admin Staff, Managers, Salespeople, Engineers, Software Programmers, Marketing People, Graphic Designers, Social Media Geeks, Secretaries And P.A.’s, Accountants, Lawyers, Chefs, Waiters, Cleaners, Receptionists, DJ’s, Musicians, Bouncers, and even a few Go-Go Dancers.What Are The Secrets?Without exception, the candidates who got hired were the best fit for the job at the time, for three key reasons:The way that they presented themselves, from their Letter of Application, Résumé, or CV;The manner in which they performed at Interview;And the way in which they conducted themselves throughout the Process.Most people fail, and continue to fail, because they simply don't understand what the jobs market is really looking for.Get the Executive Perspective...In this book you will learn: How to make yourself irresistible to potential employers; What works and what doesn’t; and How to set yourself apart from the pack. You’ll learn why so many job applications never even reach the decision makers (and how to make sure that yours do) and why some people take months or years to find their dream job.It’s a step-by step-system that will train you how to break through the barriers, score more interviews, and secure more high-quality job offers.Get Ahead of the Pack...It’s not a magic bullet, however by the time you’ve read and implemented these systems, you will be way ahead of everyone else who’s out there competing with you. You’ll know what the most important things are, and you’ll be doing them the right way. You’ll understand what companies are really looking for when they start the recruitment process, and you’ll understand how to set yourself up to match and exceed their expectations.Every part of the plan is backed up by real life examples that have worked for the smart people, time and time again. Follow the system and you could seriously change your life, and secure your future, within just a few weeks.Don't wait for the top jobs to come to you, because they won't. Take Action: Plan, Activate, Execute, Succeed.Learn HOW inside!

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001111187695
    • ISBN:  9781513028651

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