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In my profession as a coach, I know that to achieve something different, a person must first be different and must do different things. An aspect of our life will improve when we improve ourselves, but not before then. Always in that order. Money is no exception to this rule. So for our economy to change, we have to “change” ourselves. This book discusses that personal change and on doing different things. In my everyday work with people, I have realised that people very often want their circumstances to improve without first improving their way of thinking. The rule of law and order teaches us that "we are our beliefs." We cannot force external circumstances and change them into what they are not. The question that anyone should ask, sooner or later is: Do my beliefs agree with my desires? It is paradoxical, but the people who most need to change are precisely the ones who are most reluctant to change, the most inflexible. Perhaps they think that to change their opinions is a sign of weakness. At the same time, they feel uncomfortable when they are told that their own inflexibility is what distances them from their desires. This book recommends changes in our beliefs about money. Without an open mind, all of the answers will slip through the cracks. The Money Code holds information that is meaningful from a certain mindset - the kind of mindset which this book wishes to develop in readers who are ready and willing to embrace it. The money code provides answers to questions we've all asked ourselves about financial freedom, and yet I already know that not all of the answers here will be welcome. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe that problems exist; what exist are solutions that we do not like. Our problems, of course, are not in the world but in our mental perceptions, contemplating upon them. Solutions to money problems require unlearning all that has proven to be ineffective. This book proposes a paradigm change in stereotype thinking about money. It is said that every life is a reflection of one’s decisions, habits, choices, beliefs, emotions and behaviours that lead right up to the present condition of a person’s life. And for as long as someone believes that his money problems have nothing to do with his mentality and behaviour, that person will continue to have from money problems. I have learned that economic problems are not caused by money itself, but by thought patterns about it. In normal circumstances, personal finance is a reflection of a person’s thinking, his behaviour and the decisions he makes. This book will help people to re-programme themselves so they can achieve prosperity. The difference between people who are prosperous and those who are not lies in the first group’s application of useful formulas; in the second group, it is their application of useless or ineffective formulas. This book will teach you how to distinguish one from the other. I suggest that you study it well and bring it with you everywhere - the way you take a good friend to your favourite place - until you have mastered the contents. It is meant to be read, re-read, underlined, and annotated. My wish is that you make this book a reference book for when you decide to become an entrepreneur with your own personal business. And I’d like you to consider me as your financial coach. I can help you improve your relationship with money.  

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001120912233
    • ISBN:  9781386369622

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