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As a self-taught visual artist Georgeta Blanaru loves to explore new mediums for painting. In her quest she found that natural coffee mixed with water is a great medium. Through this book she has chosen to share her experience related to coffee as medium, because she didn’t find a book to help her in her endeavor and she received many requests to explain how to use coffee mix. It can be very useful for you, if you are open to explore a new medium. She explains in details all you need to create unique piece of arts made only with coffee. It suits well to beginners and advanced art lovers. There you’ll find many tips and tricks and well known watercolor techniques. In this ebook you will find many exercises for your enjoyment. This e-book can be a good choice for anyone who want to express himself this way. This approach is somehow cheaper than using the common mediums (acrylics, oils, watercolors…) and it is very fun. You can paint along with your children or grandchildren, too. Georgeta Blanaru is a writer, an artist, a spiritual teacher, sharing her understandings about life, birth, death and self-empowerment. She express herself in many ways and love to share her insights. Georgeta share her life with Costinel Floricel. They have a wonderful, open relationship. Costinel is a webdesigner, a writer, a Photoshop lover and creator, too. He likes to explore new ways to express himself, too. They are partners, friends, explorers, students and teachers, in the same time. For they life is full of potentials to be explored and chosen.

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