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If you repair vehicles, buildings or outdoor equipment you often come across fasteners so rusted you can't undo them. **Bad Tip 1: Grind It Off. **Very hard to do without leaving grinder marks, especially if painted. Bad Tip 2: Use Brute Force. This usually results in rounding the head or nut, or snapping the shaft. Bad Tip 3: Heat It Up. Only for nuts to make the hole bigger, doesn't work well for bolts in big masses. The Solutions? We've found all the best professional tricks and tips for freeing rusty fasteners. Then we've organised them to use the safer, gentler techniques with simple tools first. This minimises the risk of damage to the fastener, the item you are working on, and to you. Simple and effective 10-Step Fastener Freeing System 4 Low-Risk Steps No special tools No power Cleaners Lubricants **3 Medium-Risk Steps **One power tool Power (Battery or Mains) Heat **3 High-Risk Steps **Special tools Heat Mains power Hazardous chemicals What if it's already gone wrong? - Head Damage - Externally Driven Heads - Internally Driven Heads (screw heads plus Torx, spline, Allen, etc.) - Thread Damage - Damaged External Threads (the outside of a bolt shaft) - Damaged Internal Threads (the inside of a nut or threaded assembly) - Sheared or Snapped - Protruding Shaft the easier scenario, lots of options. - Flush Shaft full step-by-step extraction and repair. Tried and tested. We've tested the system on our own cars and it works. Few situations we've come across have needed more than step 4 in Low-Risk, or step 6 in Medium-Risk for bigger stuff. All the Bad Tips are in High Risk and more likely to work when loosened up in preceding steps. One situation was an Alfa brake caliper with poor access and a rounded bolt head. It was rusty from years of road salt, caked with mud and brake dust. It was screwed into a casting designed to dissipate heat. There were flexible brake lines running right past the bolt. No room for big levers and not safe or easy to heat. All NRTFM books come with Triple Jump Indexing. Three steps from the Table of Contents and you are on the topic you need. This is done with clicks/taps in the eBooks and with page numbers in the printed versions. Our books also have **Live Links **to additional information on Wikipedia and other sites, plus rapid shopping from web-connected devices. Even our paperbacks have the links collected on a single page of our website and clearly marked in the text. This book has links to tools and safety equipment in the appendixes. There's also an appendix on The Six Simple Machines. These basic mechanical principles have been understood for thousands of years but are seldom taught in schools. By learning about them you'll gain a deeper understanding of how fasteners, and the tools used to twist them, work. That's why we say "Once you understand, you don't need to remember." To get cracking today: Click [Buy now]

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001120857077
    • ISBN:  9781536587906

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