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In the modern world, the fashion of tattoos, whether permanent or temporary, is pounding in the young hearts of new generation. These tattoos are thought as an emblem of adulthood and being, so-called, trendy and cool. In order to suffice their desires, the temporary Henna tattoos are becoming common these days as they are safer and healthier than the permanent tattoos. The usage of Henna for forming permanent tattoos is a matter of concern for many specialists and artists. As Henna was thought of as a better mode of beautifying oneself, many experiments have been carried out to discover their role and consequence if they are consumed as a permanent tattoo. To have a permanent effect, the Henna stain is applied on the dermal layer, below the Stratum Corneum layer. All the layers that exist beneath the Stratum layer are part of living tissues and soft rather than being dead and dry like the first one. The dermal layer, also, does not exfoliate that is why tattoos created by piercing the skin and inserting dyes in this layer are permanent and stay for a long time. Likewise, if Henna is applied in this dermal layer, it would produce a permanent stain or tattoo. But there is contradiction as to the use of Henna for permanent tattoos as it is not sterile and can possibly cause infection if it reaches the dermal layer. This is the main reason why they are unpopular in case of making of everlasting designs and patterns on the body.  The stains when penetrate in the dermal layer, spread out beneath the cut in the skin rather than staying in place and clear, and, give the impression of a freckle that repels the applicants from acquiring a permanent tattoo of Henna along with its possible side-effects with the health point-of-view. Generally, permanent tattoos whether they are of Henna or other coloured dyes, prove to be quite lethal for the health of people as compared to the provisional ones that are healthy and safe for versatile types of applicants and offer wide variety of designs and patterns as per the desires.    ?

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    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2012
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000177271423
    • ISBN:  1230000025219

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