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Sometimes we humans, and especially writers, wonder about their own sanity. Where do all of those stories come from? We all wonder about the minds that can weave a good tale and then draw the reader into their web before inflicting punishment in the form of bloodshot eyes and sleepless nights. Ronnie guarantees that this collection of fiction short stories will force you to reevaluate your mortality. In an instant, your life can transform from a normal human existence into a dream world controlled by The Dream Watcher, or even worse, by nature itself. This collection will remind all of us humans what can happen when we have a bad day. The characters in the short stories from this collection have had more than just a bad day; they have had life-altering experiences.Let this tiny excerpt from one of Ronnie’s short stories give you some proof that reading in Ronnie’s world will certainly give your mind a good workout. If you discover that your heartbeat is too rapid, or the sweat running down the crack of your butt is unbearable, just close the book and knock on the cover three times. Ronnie promises to give you a moment to calm your emotions before he continues guiding you down the path towards your reading pleasure.“The dream, (nightmare to be exact), gave Amanda no reason for the plane to be in such a horrible nose down position, but it was obvious, even in the dream that something in this airplane had mechanically failed. Amanda and her co-pilot tried desperately to pull back on the controls and get the plane’s nose pulled up. Their air speed was increasing at an alarming rate, and they would plunge nose first into the English Channel below if they did not quickly right the wrong with this flying machine. The sounds in the cockpit were deafening, the bells, the chimes, the voice of the planes warning system, yelling verbal warnings in the pilot’s ears. “Pull up, pull up,” it screamed in their ears.”“Amanda could now hear her own screams, as the nose of the plane touched the surface of the water, and began its devastating plunge into the English Channel. She felt the incredible impact, her legs crumpling under her seat as the nose assembly collapsed back into the cockpit.”For one of Ronnie’s short stories to earn its place in this short story collection, the main characters are required to undergo extreme hardships, or die in the end. Ronnie realizes that it is not good writing practice to kill off the main characters, but sometimes, shit just happens. Ronnie does not feel he should prevent you the reader from understanding that in Ronnie’s world, people often undergo physical trauma and mental hardships.Ronnie Coleinger

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2010
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000601891050
    • ISBN:  9780983179313

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