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This superb guide to magic tricks uncovers and teaches the secrets behind many of the most popular magic routines and stage illusions ever invented. Perfect for beginners and fans of casual performance and stage magic, The Definitive Guide to Magic is an illustrated guidebook which examines and unveils the methods behind magic tricks, optical illusions, conjuring, coin magic and sleight of hand - to highlight just some of this epic book's topics. Revelatory in tone, each trick is explained clearly with accompanying pictures. Indeed, this guide is designed for both the general interested reader and the aspiring professional magician.  Stage magic and street magic performances continues to fascinate and entrance countless numbers of interested spectators every year. The bedazzling displays put on by professional magicians remain a popular family occasion, with the simple appeal of the mystical and unusual continuing in force as great entertainment.  In addition to stage magic, sleight of hand tricks and conjuration, this book intensely examines the circus and street performance arts of fire eating, sword swallowing and juggling. Completing this impressive guide is an examination of ventriloquy and shadowgraphy - the art of making shapes and animals appear as shadows of your hand.  Theatrical magic shows have ensued and endured for over a century, impressing and enrapturing audiences with their flamboyancy and apparent display of the impossible. Little wonder too, being as the departure from the norm of routine characterises much of what we term entertainment. Street and casual performances of magic meanwhile have gone on for much longer, stunning those fortunate enough to bear witness for aeons.  The mission for this primer is multipurpose: the author's first desire to elevate the knowledge of tricks among the general spectator. His intention is not to upset the entertainment value magic no doubt offers, but to make its cunning and technical mastery all the more worthy of observation and admiration. What can be more impressive than seeing a magician who has, in all likelihood, practiced and performed tricks thousands of times do so with a genuine and preserved passion as a thrilled crowd looks on?  Other than enlightening people, this guide's second purpose is its intention to motivate the aspirant magician. The pages are something of a test: if the reader finds the descriptions to be a ‘spoiler’ of sorts, then perhaps you are better involved with magic as a spectator, not a performer. If your reaction is different - as mine was many years ago as I was shown the workings of my first few staple magic tricks – and you are curious or eager, or even have ideas to improve or elaborate on what’s written, then you may have the makings of a musician inside of you.  The third and final motive is perhaps a little idealistic, but essentially has the benefit of all at heart. To the author, the wrapping of magic tricks in arcane secrecy is counterproductive; they should be unveiled for others to learn and be all the more fascinated. As for professional musicians who jealously guard their craft? They should invent new and even greater tricks – for the limit is only the imagination – and leave the foundations readily accessible by the interested public.  This book was composed by professional magician and performer of over 20 years experience Charles G. Wright, so rest assured that you are in good (and dexterous) hands throughout the explanations, and will emerge knowledgeable.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001089853363
    • ISBN:  9781365136481

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