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The Title 'Where the Morepork Calls' relates to New Zealand as the little Morepork owl is unique to this country. The name 'Morepork' comes from the owl's poignant call which appears to mimic the words 'More Pork'.Kate Sailsbury arrives back in New Zealand after an extended stay in London. She obtains an executive position in a large Auckland company only to find out the company has recently been involved in a take-over and the head of the main company is Malcolm Tennant, the man she ran away from four years ago.The story centres around Kate, her conflict as she once more becomes involved with Malcolm and the intrigue set up by two women in the firm who, for different reasons both hate Kate.Malcolm Tennant is a self made man. His parents died when he was six and he was forced to live with his aunt, her drunken husband and their twin baby daughters. Growing up, listening to their fights which often centre around him and the trust fund his parents left for him, a hard core of anger settles in Malcolm. He realises at a very early age that he is truly alone. With this realisation an ambition develops as he realises his need to become financially independent to the point where he is in complete control of his own life and no one will be able to dictate to him again. This ambition becomes a burning desire as he grows up. The pain of his childhood is pushed to the back of his mind as he follows his single minded quest with grim determination and goes on to become a property magnate and one of the wealthiest men in Australasia.Delia Herbert has grown up with Malcolm. When they were children she quickly discovered she could gain attention by running to her father with tales about him. But watching Malcolm's growing success in the business world Delia becomesinterested in him for a different reason. She cleverly hides her drug addiction and inveigles her way into his company hoping to become a part of his success and his life.Tania Pickering nurses an ugly secret about Kate Sailsbury's family which goes back to her childhood. She hates the entire family and when Kate joins the firm she unites with Delia in a witch hunt, both determined for different reasons, to destroy Kate.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2013
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000601782204
    • ISBN:  9781466113848

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