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The Incredible Adventures of Champagne Charlie is a modern urban folk tale that takes place in a non-specific time and place. The scene opens with Champagne Charlie, Son of the Gods, in all his decadent glory, drinking with his friends. He is served champagne by his servant, the Master of the Cellar, who also turns out to be the Master of Ceremonies (the MC). During the course of the party there is a drive-by shooting and the MC is killed, leaving Champagne Charlie devastated (and with none to guide the festivities). Charlie has no alternative but to go to Deads Town, where all dead people go, to try to bring back the MC in order to get the daily supply of fine champagne to which he is accustomed. Charlie sets out on his journey to find Deads Town, but he does not get much help along the way, because everyone he meets is only interested in their own personal dreams and schemes. First Charlie meets the Mayor of This Town, who asks him to save his daughter, Djakala, who was lured away by the "Complete Gentleman," who is actually just a Skull who rented a full set of body parts, thus making himself irresistible. After Charlie successfully frees Djakala from Skulls Town, he takes her as his wife. Now Charlie and Djakala set off together to continue Charlie's quest to find the MC in Deads Town. When Djakala stubs her foot on a thorn, a grown child emerges from it and declares that he is their son, Baby Chad the Bad, a child with an insatiable hunger and an unquenchable thirst. Because of his magical powers Chad the Bad is able to command Charlie and Djakala to carry him on their backs through the forest. They are only freed from this horrible apparition of a child by the magic of Drum, Song and Dance--three lively, competitive spirits, each of whom exerts his own hypnotic spell. Chad the Bad is so captivated by them that he climbs off the weary shoulders of Charlie and Djakala. After an all too brief respite Charlie and Djakala are once again tortured, this time by the cruel and merciless inhabitants of NoExitNever Junction and their mad king. They are saved from a miserable death by two knights, whose joy in dueling and living has disappeared since they no longer have Fear or Death. The knights acquire Charlie's and Djakala's Fear and Death in return for freeing them from captivity. Tired, weak and in pain, Charlie and Djakala stumble upon the abode of Faithful Mother in the White Womb. It is here that they sleep for a year and are finally given a chance to rest, to dream, and to be healed. As they resume their journey Charlie and Djakala once again meet the two knights, who give them back their Fear, but not their Death. En route to the airport to Deads Town Charlie and Djakala are greeted by the Hyena, who teaches them a new dance and cheats them of their last money. They, nevertheless, get on board a plane to Deads Town, along with 400 dead babies. As soon as they arrive there they are arrested by two guards who lead them to the Great Head of the Deads, the queen of Deads Town. She indulges in philosophical reflections about love and death, but then supposedly kills Djakala and announces that Charlie will be her groom at the next celebration. Charlie is in despair, but he finally meets the MC, who tells Charlie that he is his creator, and that he has found a way that they could both escape Deads Town alive. Charlie thinks the MC has lost his mind, but accepts his plan to challenge The Great Head of the Deads to a bet, to see who can drink the most. Charlie drinks her under the table and manages to escape together with Djakala. Next we find Charlie and Djakala lying in a field, expressing their love for one another. They kiss each other as the light fades. Rain begins to fall - a rain of champagne. Life reins over death

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020105393690
    • ISBN:  9781370105533

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