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Are you making wiser choices today based on past experiences and your current situation? Some of these are my choices, your choices, or choices of family, friends, and strangers. These words are not meant to judge or engage in sugarcoating, but my sincere hope is to encourage and inspire love, faith, peace, and ownership. Some of you might be in the midst of a bad situation today, due to someone elses influence or intervention in your life when you were younger or in a vulnerable state, but not by choice. Please seek professional help from a Clergy, Psychologist, and/or Psychiatrist. Others of us are experiencing bad situations today, because of poor choices we made in the past. Poor choices are not restricted to a certain race, gender, age, or social economic status. What are some of your poor choices that currently have you in a bad situation? Not accepting responsibility for individual poor choices and blaming everyone else for your current situations. Knowing someone is a danger to themselves or others and keeping quiet. Using violence against others to make a point Always complaining, instead of taking positive actions to change your situation. Sacrificing peace and time for more money than you will never need. Assuming someone is not as intelligent as you because they dont look like you. Buying an expensive house or car you cannot afford. Buying $200 tennis shoes or unnecessary items for kids and not saving for college. Not using your existing position at work as a stepping stone to improve your economic situation. Trying to give your kids everything they want, even if you can afford it. Disrespecting teachers and enabling your childrens bad behavior. Dating someone elses spouse and pretending to be in a real relationship. Shacking instead of marriage Changing spouses any time you feel like it Engaging in a pre- marital sexual relationship, because someone told you to prove your love. Money is more important than self-respect. Expecting a permanent handout, instead of a helping hand. Never doing anything to help anyone else. Dress like you dont have any self-respect. Drinking and driving Trying drugs for the first time Buying alcohol if you are an alcoholic Using wealth to avoid taking responsibility for your negative actions. Manipulating situations to take advantage of others. Using your position in life to deceive or take advantage of others. Focusing solely on what you believe and never using it to make a difference by doing. Borrowing money from friends or family, and never paying anyone back. Not saving for retirement

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020100648955
    • ISBN:  9781514483350

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