3-3-3 ENIGMA

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21st Century Pyramid Technology for the Mind – the ‘3-3-3’ EnigmaAre you just 72 seconds from experiencing living your dream? Just a heartbeat away from life changing thoughts and emotional feelings that will make your self-confidence and success rate explode? Is it possible that holding the vision of your desire for exactly 33.3 seconds within your subconscious mind; activates the Law of Attraction and Creative Source Energy in bringing forth the essence of your desire into your life experience?‘3-3-3’ Enigma – welcome to a ‘Master Class’ that will achieve your desire through following a specific creative process. A life changing ‘juggernaut’ of human experience, in its understanding of how ‘holding the vision’, by acting in a specific way in your subconscious mind, creates your experiences. It will show you how to engage and interact with - using your powerful imagination tool - the subconscious mind to realise your desires.The book is designed to ‘shift’ you from a ‘Reactive Mode’ of unconscious living to be the ‘Conscious Cause’ of your life experiences, living in harmony with two key impacting Universal Laws - the Law of Attraction and Law of Cause and Effect.The book is extensive and informative; built from the ground up, in easy steps, to increase your knowledge and understanding, as to how the mystery of life unfolds in your life. You will be exposed to knowledge previously hidden from mankind, but now slowly being opened up to us from across the sands of time. 1000s’ of man hours has been absorbed in researching data taken from our ancient masters and teachers, such as the Chinese I-Ching, Hindu Veda and Upanishads, Mayan and Egyptian texts and hieroglyphs, through to World Religions, Modern Science and today’s Messengers. All brought together into one interwoven, entwined thread and tapestry of wisdom for you to give thought and ponder over as to where your life is now, where is it going and your purpose in it?The author makes use of a mysterious Mayan Number identified as ‘9’ (3+3+3) in an exclusive mental pyramid build within your conscious and subconscious states of mind. This mental pyramid build will have the effect of not only strengthening the neural networks and synaptic junctions of the physical brain; but also to help focus and magnify concentrated intentioned thought to accelerate and realise your desire. In summary, the mental pyramid construction will enable the transference from the conscious mind and its imagery faculty, to be powerfully ‘impressed’ within the creative larger part of your subconscious mind. The author also identifies a mysterious ‘Mayan Numbers Connection’ between a ‘P-Codex’ universal riddle; consisting of a matrix of nine numbers, a leading diagonal of three numbers within the matrix and Lunar Moon phases? Could the ‘P-Codex’ mystery, linked to our planet’s ground pyramids, cause the unfolding of a mega Star Wars drama?In addition, the author also identifies a ‘Twin Peaks of Creation’ system incorporating a specific creation process. It is believed that this system has never before been revealed and is responsible for letting in your Creative Source Energy to realise your desire.Can you seriously change your life by using your subconscious mind and its mental faculties in the correct way? Absolutely yes! Aim to seek out the mystery of life. Learn how to give attention to ‘holding the vision’ and ‘living your dream’. You will then realise that dream! This book is an excellent self-confidence builder, but you need to take that first step or not? What do you choose? Life and your free will and choices are yours to make alone!The author now invites you to take a ‘Test Drive’ of a Deliberate Conscious Creation process.Enjoy with love!

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000940051481
    • ISBN:  9781910757284

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