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Why would anybody want to read someone else’s dreams? Good question but why would anybody want to read anyone else’s poetry? They are the same, in a way; kind of cryptic non-linear stories that take images and create something to be felt and interpreted. So, I figured, why not. My book of dreams will see the light of day. Back in my 20’s I used to paint for a living from time to time. Many times while painting I’d get into a nice rhythm and notice that in my head little dream scenes were playing. Not “daydreaming”, which is kind of fantasizing, rather actual little impossible crazy scenes exactly like nighttime dreams and not associated with any conscious thoughts whatsoever. It is my belief that we are always dreaming and are not usually aware of it because most of the time it is drowned out by two things mainly; one, the predominance of our senses and two, our agendas. By agendas I mean our daily plans and our self images that we maintain, both which kick in full bore once we wake up; everything that creates the structure we have erected and hold onto as our lives. Crazy our dreams might be, but that doesn’t mean they are not by design. Our primary goal here on the planet is to improve ourselves and become more harmonious participants in the community of humanity. Towards this end, we must explore ourselves. The conscious mind can only handle so much information at once. But in cryptic and game messages so much essence can be absorbed. Dreams function this way to spark ourselves to be expansive and inquisitive much in the same ways that riddles and the teachings of mystery schools do. This quote from one of my journals: “Rather than the Earth drama of not knowing, playing some Sherlock Holmes game, I want to know. I want to be psychic, open, see colors, UFOs, love energy. It seems that the only purpose of the mystery is to keep us from being overloaded while unraveling and identifying all the baggage to release and laugh away. But then the only reason we would become overloaded would be because of the judgment we impose upon our self. No amount of information or energy in flow would do that. In fact, it is said that the mystery schools encoded everything because of fear of persecution from the fearful. Is that exactly what we do within ourselves? Encode our lives and our dreams, in order that they be understood only slowly as we gain pieces to the puzzle, so we don’t persecute ourselves out of fear, if we found out what we were doing.” It has also occurred to me that the dream state is like or the very same as the way we experience, create, learn, and grow, adding to ourselves in a spirit form when not in an Earth life. I have never dedicated myself intently in any scientific way to the interpreting of my dreams, although I have dabbled in it as long as I can remember. Along the way a couple of techniques have come to me. One is dream asking; asking my dreams for an answer to a question or for information about something going on in my life. To that end, regarding asking hard questions it occurred to me that instead of questions such as what “should” I do? and where “should” I be?, it would better if I ask how I feel about something or what does my body want. Or maybe address my committee members in my mind, and try and learn better what they want to help make more informed wake decisions. “Should” seems problematic. Like the answer would be some inflexible statement that I’m not aware of participating in. And the interpretation becomes an attempt to decide what I’m told and whether I should obey instead of being an attempt at more self awareness in order to make aware choices. I also believe that it is possible to connect in a dream with a dream interpreter and ask within the dream for their take on what the dream or something in the dream means. I have had some experience of this happening. This dream interpreter may be a part of our self or it may be an earthly friend there to help or it may even be a spirit guide.

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