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    A Life Well Made easily marries psychology, spirituality,metaphysiology and common sense to create a"life map" everyone needs to own! It doesnt matter what you believe about life, why you think you are here, or what you think your purpose is, the only thing I am sure of is you are here to be happy. In todays world that seems almost impossible. . . but it isnt!Right now you are just a speck of sand in a universe of sand, you feel you have no power, no opportunity, no identity. You wish you had a "how to" manual to get through life because right now you are just winging it, being carried along, stuck with only the knowledge other people put in your head and the little you have picked up along the way.Would you like to:know what has been holding you back all these years?Learn what has killed any chance at happiness you have?Know what has steered your life to the one you have now which isnt the one you want?Know and take advantage of the habits and traits of successful people?Learn to make the right decisions the first time around?Save yourself heartache, money and time backtracking from your mistakes?A Life Well Made is all of this and more! Let me show you where you are so you can determine, through questionnaires, brainstorming and self reflection, where you want to go. You will learn how your thoughts have become actions and are the only reason you are where you are right now. You will learn how to get rid of old thought patterns and make room for habits and traits that propel you forward, not backward.You will learn how to access the Universal Mind, or what I call the Library of all knowledge, for answers and insight. You will learn to trust your instincts again, realize you are capable of making sound decisions and learn the tricks of reaching your goals by breaking them into smaller pieces. But you are not a one dimensional person, you dont only want one type of success. Most people think that if they have money, friends, possessions, they will be happy. But to be truly happy you must have harmony between your mind, body and soul. You can have monetary success but to enjoy it, have peace inside, you must become a person who is kind, giving, understanding, slow to anger, be able to manage money, have a pleasing personality, be able to cooperate with others but most importantly you must love yourself which most of do not know how to do.You will also identify what fears and habits have been dictating your thoughts all these years and keeping you stuck, stagnant, unable to break free to find your OWN path instead of following the path set in your mind by others. Did you know 90% of the way you think isnt because you chose to think that way? What this really means is only 10% of what you think and do is because you have chosen to think that way! And you thought you were in control of your life. Ha!A LIfe Well Made will give you back full control of your life so you can turn your car around and head happily into the sunset of your making with a smile on your face because you have "figured it out". Dont waste another day of the precious life you have been given wandering around looking for a door that doesnt exist. A Life Well Made IS the door, all you have to do is step through it to your new life!

    Detalhes do Produto

      • Ano de Edição: 2016
      • Ano:  2016
      • País de Produção: Canada
      • Código de Barras:  2001072236289
      • ISBN:  9781370649112

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