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In today’s competitive world, the need to perform has never been greater. Yet, we all – adults and children alike – often are quite effective at mentally sabotaging our own performance! It’s not that we intend to, it’s just that we don’t really understand how our mind¬set actually affects our ability to perform. As a result, we systematically continue to make the same mistakes and our performance suffers. As adults, the unfortunate truth is that we sometimes are the agents responsible for triggering the mental sabotage of children that we are charged to support. We mean to help but in fact, our words and actions damage the mindset that allows them to deliver their best performance. Helping Kids Perform will help you to better understand the mental skills side of the performance equation and show you how you can communicate these principles to your children. It offers a framework that will clarify how the way that we think really influences how we perform, and how mindset can affect health as well. This book examines issues of self-confidence; self-esteem; coping with stress; using imagery to shape performance; controlling focus; and more. The simple tools and proven strategies offered represent a road map for the development of a set of life skills that will empower you and your children to take control of the mental “noise” that has such a powerful influence on our emotions, our behaviors, and our ability to perform.

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