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Living Moxie is a year round handbook that contains a practical guide for almost every block, challenge and rut that can be faced on a daily, monthly and ultimately yearly basis. It’s a book designed to allow everyone to bring out their best in every aspect of their life. It focuses on day-to-day living habits and lifestyles and points out where that could lead on an individual and collective level. Living Moxie brings facts from every aspect of living in a universal manner, allowing for a better understanding of oneself and others. It offers a multitude of daily applications and solutions with their wisdom intact to choose from in an easy to follow fashion. It’s a delightful work that is down to earth talking about the intangible and tangible ingredients the Universe and humans are made up of. It shows how all of these ingredients constitute daily living and make up a life. The goal for the book with its thirty one chapters is to lay-out the living concept, backing it up with factual data, examples where possible, and analogies to lead to the application side. It’s the equivalent of life lessons made easy in a DIY (do-it-yourself) fashion. It's also a combination of genres that have been artistically chosen to make it a holistic experience for the reader. With Living Moxie an urge to be better, think best thoughts, do good deeds, experience wishes and dreams is part of the process. Its serves as a constant reminder of what every human is capable of, outlining what that potential could entail with real stories. It further tailors it so that it can speak to everyone no matter what they have experienced or where they come from. It's an action filled book carefully hand-crafted to ignite sparks, passions, and ideas and help remove blocks, limitations, and old patterns. Every topic serves as an inspiration to encourage and motivate towards a better living to move from existing to really living every day. It's time for the whole World to be the best they can all be, to be individually joyous, fulfilled and healthy in every sense possible. It's time to apply wisdom, old traditions and not just talk about them and Living Moxie breaks it down easily. It moves from the conceptual explanation to how that could be affecting our lives and what we can do about it now. It's about taking charge, not wasting time and breathing throughout it all. It offers every assistance, support, counseling, and guidance a person could be looking for to open up their heart in order to make the changes and shifts that are needed. It’s a one stop shop for remedies, spirituality, ideas, motivation, living recipes, hand-picked quotations, food recipes, metaphysics, subconscious and conscious mind re-programming, practical life skills and coaching and much more. Living Moxie is about you and for you.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2012
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000750159742
    • ISBN:  9781624887222

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