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A Proven Program How To Memorize Names And Faces In MinutesThis book contains proven steps and strategies on how to you can easily memorize people’s names as well as their faces. Given the fact that we usually get forgetful of other people’s names and faces—whether it is your boss, your classmate, your neighbor, or even that person you sat right next to in the coffee shop—it is necessary for you to learn some practical and common techniques that will help you easily remember them.Memorizing people’s names may seem to be an easy thing to do, but it is actually not. It takes a lot of time as well as effort to finally master their names, and also their faces. But remembering names accurately can be easy if you know how to properly do it. It is the most essential thing to do whenever you have to meet and interact with other people, whether it is your boss, your teacher, students, your classmates, or anybody else that you have to talk to and interact with.A person’s name is said to be one of the most (if it is not the most) important word to him or her. “It is intimately tied to his or her identity as an individual,” says Philip Guo, an assistant professor in the University of Rochester.You may forget anything else about a person, like where he or she lives, goes to work or school, or any other things, but it is important that you remember at least that person’s name. How you deal with a person’s name can greatly affect the way that person deal with you in return or what that person’s impression on you will be.You know that feeling you get in class when your teacher calls you by your first name and not just by any other name like “You,” or without even looking at his or her list of student’s names? Or that feeling of being special when a person that you really admire a lot addressed you using your name because he or she knows it? How about that feeling you get when someone calls you by a wrong name, or simply referred to you by what you are wearing?Dale Carnegie Training listed down several reasons why remembering or memorizing other people’s names is a good and helpful thing for you.1. It can be a big help in your career.Because you know what this person’s name is, you can easily get in touch with him or her. If you need materials or supplies for your business and that person can be your source, you can easily point that out and say, “(That person’s name) can provide us with that material!” You can also look for a person’s contacts without any difficulties because you know his or her name.2. It can make your circle of friends grow bigger.Friends want their friends to remember them by names. Well, you can’t have friends in the first place if you can’t remember their names. Since you know a person by his or her name, you can easily be friends with that person, thus increasing your circle of friends.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Why do you need to remember?Why do you forget?How should I remember?Learn from an expertMuch, much more!

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001111335485
    • ISBN:  9781507080764

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