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The Course on Money teaches anyone to make money, be successful, and maintain wealth throughout the rest of their lives. Most people, do not realize that each individuals degree of wealth and success is directly linked to how they think and act. The Course on Money helps you shape the way you live your life so that you become richer. It’s based on extensive research, and time-tested teaching methods.Dr. Jay Polmar created The Course on Money using his secret of self-empowerment and the theory of money for over twelve years. He drew on all the success stories from live classes he taught to create a self-learning course with readings, worksheets, and audios that teach people how to make money and become successful. No Matter what your learning style is, The Course on Money will work for you.Being Wealthy and Successful takes more than just making money.The Course on Money teaches you how to make money, and goes much further. This is because simply learning a how to get rich formula will not help you actually become and remain wealthy and happy for your entire life. You must use your own life experiences to turn yourself into a wealthy and successful person. The Course on Money helps you do all those things that even many rich people cannot, all through simple steps, ready-made worksheets, and audio recordings. Think of The Course on Money as a "how to be successful" program in addition to helping you make money.Learn the Real Techniques behind The Secret and the Law of Attraction.Many of the concepts used in The Course on Money have recently been made popular by the movie The Secret. Formally known as the law of attraction, the key strategies of self-empowerment and actualization outlined in the movie The Secret really do work. However, few people are able to apply these techniques to their own life because it requires changing the way you think. The Course on Money guides you through this change so that before you know it you are attracting money, respect, love, and power to yourself!Change your life for the better, Right Now!The Course on Money works! You take control of your life and destiny. The Course on Money is available for immediate download so you can begin transforming yourself and realizing your full potential today. You have it inside you to make money and become successful, you just need to learn how to bring it out.The 27-lesson, COURSE ON MONEY, by noted author, speaker, therapist, Dr. Jay Polmar, is a powerful way to wealth with little effort! Youll learn how to achieve success, and youll get important lessons in how to get more $$ and spare time than youve ever imagined.Do you have what it takes to become wealthy?Take our test in Chapter One ... then take THE COURSE that will bring you wealth.Ask yourself: "If I am given the success formula, can I follow the easy instructions?"Itll make your job and life easier, youll have more money with very little effort.THE COURSE ON MONEY will help you make ALL your financial goals -- come true.YOULL LEARN ALL THE SECRETS INCLUDING:1. Drawing a MAP that will take you to your Future Successes2. Putting together the right mental attitudes for success3. Reading the Scientific Proof That Verifies Dr. Polmars Methods4. Mentalizing how to live with wealth, success and prosperity5. Discovering how to use Pro-activator programs for Success6. Learning the secrets and singing your way to success7. Taking a self-inventory and discovering other methods to wealth8. Learning to solve your problems and eliminating things that may hold you back9. Learning the secret of spending your money wisely to make more money for you10. Listening to Dr. Polmars courses: Money, Power and Sex and The Millionaire’s Ten Commandments.11. Getting the right start, with building your own abilities. Starting right now! Make your dreams REAL!In your hands is your vision and potential. And with Dr. Polmars course, you can be the success you always wanted to be.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001008793091
    • ISBN:  9781311067258

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