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The Illusion of Richness is a spontaneous expression of different thoughts and perceptions of wealth. It is written with the view of eradicating the false beliefs and concepts revolving around wealth. It aims at helping people realize the importance of contentment and peace of mind in life. The central thesis of this book revolves around the fact that at any given time in life, wealth is only in the mind, only an illusion, and that the desire for excessive wealth only leads to discontentment and misery.The society today is influenced by the magic charm of materialism. The time has come for us to analyze and realize the unrealistic rush for material things because materialism has failed to satisfy self-quest and bring content to the entire human race. As the saying by Victor E Franklin goes – “More and more people today have the means to live but they have no meaning to live.” Unless one decides what wealth means to him/her, running after it does not become meaningful. Necessity, comfort, passion, achievement, ego, pride, security, fear or whatever may be the reason, if one doesn't have any clear idea of one’s wants and needs, then all of one’s efforts are futile.The illusion of Richness conveys the message that the common things in life that are easily accessible to many are more valuable than wealth. In reality, many people are richer than the material things they have and are poorer than they evaluate themselves to be. It is only the ignorance of a few men and the result of capitalism that they continue accumulating wealth beyond usage. In actuality, richness is a state of mind, a thought process, a feeling, and not the luxury or wealth. It is not about what you have, but what you feel that you have. In the present moment of awareness, ownership and richness are myths. One might be truly rich but totally unaware of that fact.This book proves that only the things you use are yours, irrespective of the ownership of multiple assets. Wealth which is beyond our usage is simply a thought, a dream, an illusion and a myth. Actually, it is the wealth of an Alzheimer patient. One can live a contented life, even without accumulating a lot of wealth, by simply ignoring the social concept of ownership and richness. The purpose of this book will be served even if a few people change their attitude towards wealth and society and help themselves and others in leading peaceful and comfortable lives.Illusion of Richness reveals the true meaning of wealth in three states of human consciousness – sleep, dream, and being awake. It explores the true value of wealth with respect to ego, security, fear, ownership, possession accumulation, and valuation. The book can be of much use to the youth and old who are unknowingly the victims of an unstable social-economic structure. In the times of recession, demonetization, and stress, it is a boon for peace of mind.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001120415505
    • ISBN:  9789352913749

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