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Yes I know, there are other books out there on how to get rich. But this is a first – a first book that shows readers how to get rich easily (really!) while helping our world and relieving suffering at the same time. It’s a book of the moment, written now, at a time when there’s a consciousness on how to earn enough money to enjoy a happy life, yet not in a classic capitalistic way. It’s a book on how making money can make you happy when you don’t just think of yourself.  As you get rich, you gain happiness too, as you witness the joy you bring to your family, your friends, your area, and the wider world.This book could have been called ‘The Secret’, but someone did that. :( But this book describes a real secret. :) It’s a secret that turned me from being a pauper with no home, no car, no job, no anything not even good health, into a healthy, wealthy man helping people in many countries. You can do it too.And you can use this secret this part-time, whether you currently work, or not.  All you need is to follow instructions, and then, Get Rich Happily.One question - how much money do you need to retire from work? Of course, you can always work, and make more money, and help more people if you wish. Look at the millions Bill Gates and Warren Buffet give to charities.  But they had to start somewhere, and so do you. So let’s start with, how much money do you need so you don’t need to work unless you want to? Add up a mortgage free house, a car or two, and annual holidays and expenses.  How much money would give you freedom?For example, if you owned a house and transport costing $400,000, and $600,000 in the bank at 5% interest giving you $120,000 per annum interest on your money, if you start with nothing you need to earn $1 million to be able to retire.But how do you earn $1 million?That’s the secret given away in this book.It’s easier than you think. You can start with $1, $10, $100, £1000, $10,000 or whatever sum you decide. I suggest you start with a sum of money you could waste. In other words, if you went to a casino (just imaginary, ok!) how much money could you afford to lose, and not leave feeling sad? Whatever the sum is, whether it’s $1 or $10,000 that’s the sum you’ll start with.Then it’s just a matter of applying the secret.In less steps than you have fingers and toes, you should be a happy millionaire.There’s more to this book than money though. It’s also about how to be happy, how to have fun, how to gain more pleasure in life.So Get Rich Happily is a book with two aims – to help you Get Rich financially, and to simultaneously help you become spiritually happier the richer you get.I hesitate to use the word ‘spiritual’, in case it’s misunderstood. But in the context of this book, ‘spiritual’ means feeling happier in yourself, happier with family and friends, and happier caring for others in our world in increasingly beautiful ways.Teachings throughout the book help you progress further, easier, better. Each teaching includes gems of wisdom as ‘Messages from the Financial and Spiritual Millionaire’. (That’s me!) These messages help you progress. As you get richer, simple wise sayings help you achieve your target more easily.The end of the book shows how to start a Get Rich Happily Club. Friends who used this secret said I should charge for membership of Get Rich Happily Clubs. But as you can see from the price of this book, I’m not in it for the money.Of course you could use the secret by yourself. But I hope some people help Get Rich Happily in clubs.I don’t need anything in return - except perhaps an email from you one day saying how you Got Rich Happily. Then I’ll be happy knowing I’ve made a difference to someone’s life.  And that’s all I need.There’s the age-old saying, ‘money can’t buy happiness’. Well - poverty can’t buy happiness either. So you might as well try: Get Rich Happily.

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    • Formato:  ePub
    • Subtítulo:  MILLIONAIRE
    • Origem:  IMPORTADO
    • Editora: KOBO EDITIONS
    • Assunto: Autoajuda
    • Idioma: INGLÊS
    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000601674103
    • ISBN:  9781465833198

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