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Manifest: to make real, bring into the physical dimension – See, Feel, Touch – It is now before you. Book 3 teaches you to use the wisdom and knowledge that you gained from earlier books to bring abundance, success, and love into your life.This powerful book gives you tools and techniques to make manifestation possible and even provides insight into how new paradigms are created from parallel realities. Co-create properly and the Universe works on your behalf with these teachings based on spiritual laws. What sense is there in harvesting flotsam and jetsam, when life can be really good!Author Aubergean instructs you, "Keep in mind that in the World of Manifestation, you will not learn about dogma and religion, but rather you are entering into the World of Wonder so you can begin creating Magic in your life." The understanding of God taught by Aubergean is not based on a God of dogma, but on a universal belief that Life is God and God is Life and It is All God.This is a powerful book to add to your collection of Getting It Together Series. The free Meditation Guide is used in this lesson of the book series too.Book 3 of 5 Length 6,362 words / 35 pagesCommentsThis book fine tuned my understanding and use of the spiritual laws and Im delighted I studied this material. My friends suggest I write a Book of Manifestations because of the wonders that have appeared in my life using the tools and principles taught in the Manifestation book!James T.Excerpt"This lesson is about Manifestation through the Spoken Word. It delves into the very laws of creation and involves studies that lead to conscious co-creation with your Higher Self. Manifesting with your word is something you do continually but all too often, you are not conscious of the activity. You simply don’t recognize what you are doing, having not one clue about the process.Lets address the word metaphysics for a moment and understand it as a way to understand reality from a point of view beyond physics. In the metaphysical world, someone who unknowingly follows his or her Spiritual guidance is called an Unconscious Competent. Massive numbers of people, probably billions among us on Spaceship Earth, however, habitually miscreate since they have no idea what they are doing. In which category do you live?Stop and think long enough to truly know your answer to this important question.The first and most important step in becoming a Conscious and Competent co-creator is to make and accept the truth that every event in your life originates with you, your thinking process, and how it is filtered by those things you believe to be so, regardless of whether your beliefs are founded on truth or error. Know that even when negative events occur in your life, you created that too. This concept is so profound that it is repeated now so you can locate it again and again for you must Know, Remember, and Apply this throughout your lifetime!Every Life Event is a Product of Your Creation! ..."

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    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000601644526
    • ISBN:  9780987866127

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