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Dr. Lyn shares with you her most profound revelations – all of those that have given her strength, comfort and courage. Reading them can help you also turn your fears into courage. Each week for a year, she will give you thoughts, ideas and calls to action that will give you more power and strength than you can imagine.We are currently living in a world full of terror.All we have to do is turn on the T.V. and there it is – constant mass killings and threats to our personal safety. There are worldwide religious wars, religious extremist terrorists, ISIS, Jihad, the Taliban, etc. Closer to home, we have drug addicts, car accidents, plane crashes, thieves, school shootings, kidnappings, rapes, murders, riots, identity theft and all forms of criminal behavior. Then we have “acts of God,” such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, floods, fires, tsunamis, deadly viruses, etc. There are more than enough things for us to be afraid of. It’s no wonder we are all terrified.What can we do? We could choose to barricade ourselves in our safe room of our gated, locked, security guarded, super-reinforced brick walled homes. But eventually we would need to go out. It’s unrealistic to think we could always be protected, even in our own homes. Most people have ineffective coping skills, which only serve to make matters worse rather than better. If we allow fear to control us, we will eventually go insane. We have to find a way to cope with fear in a healthy way if we want to actually live. This book will give you the courage you need to tackle any danger or threat, and live a life of peace and joy. Each day you will wake up and decide to be brave!Introduction: Life Is a Rush Into the UnknownWeek 1: Courage to Turn Fear into FaithWeek 2: Courage to Feel GoodWeek 3: Courage to See a New PerspectiveWeek 4: Courage to DetachWeek 5: Courage to Face UncertaintyWeek 6: Courage to Confront the TruthWeek 7: Courage to Trust in Divine Intervention, Protection and GraceWeek 8: Courage to Let Go of Toxic PeopleWeek 9: Courage to Pursue Your Own HappinessWeek 10: Courage to Feel PeaceWeek 11: Courage to Be QueenWeek 12: Courage to Get AngryWeek 13: Courage to Handle CrisesWeek 14: Courage to Accept Growing OlderWeek 15: Courage to Face Criticism and DisapprovalWeek 16: Courage to Ask for HelpWeek 17: Courage to Have FunWeek 18: Courage to Trust YourselfWeek 19: Courage to Go from Worrier to WarriorWeek 20: Courage to Say “No”Week 21: Courage to Set Limits and BoundariesWeek 22: Courage to Stop the InsanityWeek 23: Courage to Use Tough LoveWeek 24: Courage to Accept Others for Who They AreWeek 25: Courage to Face RealityWeek 26: Courage to Use Your PowerWeek 27: Courage to Put Yourself FirstWeek 28: Courage to Speak UpWeek 29: Courage to Be VulnerableWeek 30: Courage to Move from Scarcity Mode to Abundance ModeWeek 31: Courage to Trust Your Higher PowerWeek 32: Courage to Not PanicWeek 33: Courage to Make DecisionsWeek 34: Courage to Trust the ProcessWeek 35: Courage to Feel Your FearWeek 36: Courage to Protect YourselfWeek 37: Courage to Forgive YourselfWeek 38: Courage to Act “As If”Week 39: Courage to Accept the Things You Cannot ChangeWeek 40: Courage to Handle Your Financial FearsWeek 41: Courage to Face ConflictWeek 42: Courage to Overcome IllnessWeek 43: Courage to Move Past LossesWeek 44: Courage to Seek AdventureWeek 45: Courage to PersevereWeek 46: Courage to ChangeWeek 47: Courage to DreamWeek 48: Courage to Make DeclarationsWeek 49: Courage to Show AppreciationWeek 50: Courage to DetachWeek 51: Courage to LoveWeek 52: Courage to Be Brave

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001040022043
    • ISBN:  9781370442133

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