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The fear of public speaking may not only affect you emotionally but it can also be potentially detrimental to your pocketbook. That may seem like an obvious statement to most, but here’s something more unconventional for your consideration: An inability to speak before a crowd will affect areas of your life you may not have even considered. Still not radical enough? Check out the next one: Enhancing and improving other areas of life, areas which at first glance may seem completely unrelated to public speaking, will influence your ability to speak in public. Now we’re getting to the essence of the matter and to what the whole life approach to the challenge of public speaking looks like. Communication influences large swaths of life but how we do life, our habits and how we approach situations will also affect how we approach the lectern. In a whole life approach to the challenge of public speaking, we bring awareness to areas that could improve in order to change perspectives and expectations for more successful outcomes in general. So the whole life approach looks at both, public speaking and one on one conversations, and much more. It is a whole life approach because tweaking habits in one area carry over to the other. Most of us talk to one person or to a few many times every day. So the whole life approach says be very good, accurate and precise in that form of communication and let that begin to pave the way to effective public speaking. The less disparity there is between what you do every day and how you need to be when behind the lectern the easier it will be to get up in front of a crowd. But we are talking about a whole life approach here. There is much more that can be tweaked in all we do and how we approach any challenge to then help tackle the public speaking challenge.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
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