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After several years of research into the new discoveries of science and cosmology and the new translations of the worlds religions, I have found that we are not only going extinct, but that we are the ones doing it through pride and arrogance. We as a species have developed an addiction to this ugly, disconnecting emotion. Totally lost to us is the unifying, sustainable emotion of humility. Clearly, unless we can recover humilitys natural state, we will continue in the violent, frightened, unjust lifestyle of pride, and we will force our own speciesand many others on the Earthinto extinction. This book maps out our personal, group, and species pride so there can be no doubt of its powerful influence inand lethal power overeverything about us. A study of how we can get out of pride and into a state of humility occupies most of the book because that is what we must do right now. If we are to live enjoyable and meaningful lives and have a future, we must throw off pride and enter into humility. This book is a map, guide, and call to hope for our joyful and sustainable future. Its a call to come out of our slavery to self to see and embrace other humans, groups, and species of the Earth. In this new state of humility, we will be released to see ourselves not just as citizens of the Earth, but as citizens of the cosmos. In humility, we will discover that we are not the center of anything but an important part of everything. We will throw off things like prides violence, illusions of control, worry, fear, anger, fighting, comparing, judging, competing, and taking everything personally. We will take on humilitys laughterespecially at ourselveslove, justice, peace, forgiveness, identifying with and appreciating everything, and being all-inclusive. The natural thing would have been for us to evolve into humility. It is the only way that any reflective species in the cosmos can ever hope to survive and flourish.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: United States
    • Código de Barras:  2020100367344
    • ISBN:  9781452594149

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