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This eBook The Metaphysics of Emotions - emotional energy is real is a follow up to the eBook The Law of Attraction - Misunderstood & Misinterpreted A Larger Spiritual Paradigm. The author’s reasons for publishing these eBooks are summed up in the following paragraph from his eBook The Law of Attraction - Misunderstood & Misinterpreted. "I am publishing this book because I believe that the way the Law of Attraction is being taught by most people who are teaching it today is not ultimately Loving. I believe it is being taught in a way that makes many of the people hearing it feel ashamed; in a way that causes people to focus on reaching a destination at the expense of being present in the now; in a way that reinforces the delusion that there is something inherently wrong with being human, with human beings. It is also being taught by most spiritual teachers in a way that discounts and devalues emotions and emotional healing." This ebook addresses the emotionally dysfunctional, emotionally dishonest nature of civilization as it has evolved on Planet Earth - and addresses how vital it is to learn to have a better relationship with one’s own emotions. Robert Burney is an author, counselor, and Spiritual Teacher who has been referred to as "a metaphysical Stephen Hawking." His first book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls has been called "one of the truly transformational works of our time." In it he states: “Our mental health system not only does not promote healing - it actually blocks the process. The mental health system in this country is designed to get your behavior and emotions under control so that you can fit back into the dysfunctional system.” - Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls by Robert Burney In a quote from his writing that he includes in this ebook, he states that emotions are a vital part of our being for several reasons. “1. Because it is energy and energy cannot just disappear. The emotional energy generated by the circumstances of our childhood and early life does not go away just because we were forced to deny it. . . . . As long as we have pockets of pressurized emotional energy that we have to avoid dealing with - those emotional wounds will run our lives. We use food, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, work, religion, exercise, meditation, television, etc., to help us keep suppressing that energy. . . . Our emotions tell us who we are - our Soul communicates with us through emotional energy vibrations. Truth is an emotional energy vibrational communication from our Soul on the Spiritual Plane to our being/spirit/soul on this physical plane - it is something that we feel in our heart/our gut, something that resonates within us. . . . . We are attracted to people that feel familiar on an energetic level - which means (until we start clearing our emotional process) people that emotionally / vibrationally feel like our parents did when we were very little kids. At a certain point in my process I realized that if I met a woman who felt like my soul mate, that the chances were pretty huge that she was one more unavailable woman that fit my pattern of being attracted to someone who would reinforce the message that I wasn't good enough, that I was unlovable. . . . ” In order to get in touch with who we Truly are - with our own heart and soul - it is vital to heal our emotional wounds and to change how we relate to our own emotions. This ebook The Metaphysics of Emotions will be part two of the hard copy book that will be titled: The Law of Attraction - Misunderstood & Misinterpreted A Larger Spiritual Paradigm - including The Metaphysics of Emotions. In this ebook Robert is addressing the Truth as he understand it - that is, that emotional energy is real and honoring it is vital to the health of the individual human being.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Brazil
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    • ISBN:  1230000916264

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