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The first murder, the JFK assassination, has probably been the most-investigated crime in American history. Yet, five decades later, there remain questions regarding the number of gunmen, the true motive, and the masterminds (if any) of the killing of Kennedy. The case was 'wrapped' up in hours by the F.B.I. with the arrest of Lee Oswald by the Dallas Police Department and the case was ruled by the Warren Commission to be the sole act of one man, Oswald. My law enforcement and military experience convinces me that a complex case such as this killing would not lead to completion and declaration of a 'sole assassin and non-conspiracy' in such as short period of time, and has offered some facts to rebut that theory. We look again at Oswald. Let's face it; Oswald was a willing tool of the U.S. Government from the time of his military service until the day he died. He was not a "lone nut", but one of the tools in the CIA's box of tricks and mysteries, regardless of the agency's declared declaration of their actions as being 'right and necessary'. Oswald may have supplied one of the murder weapons that killed JFK, (some say he did not) but the fact remains that he did not fire the fatal shots at Kennedy. He would have to have been "Houdini" that day, being in two places at the same time. Oswald was indeed the best possible "Patsy" his handlers could find.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
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