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You would surely recognize both my face and name should I choose to reveal same. Im the author of this book; I wrote the text but the material was supplied by an incredible discovery that shook my otherwise unshakable inquisitive nature. During one of my trips to Californias Mojave Desert, west of the Ridgecrest Hills and near the Garlock Road, I came across what looked like an old sea trunk that had been unearthed by nature’s alluvium activity. With a miner’s pick I normally keep in my buggy for just such occasions I pulled the trunk from its hiding.The information used to write this book was found in the various written documents, journals, tapes (audio and video) and computer disks I found in the dry bags within the trunk. I also researched from additional sources to verify the information found in the trunk. Armed with the information found in the trunk and my journalistic investigative background, I continued an extensive research contacting many people, including some of my old friends and political allies, old newspaper archives and both state and federal agencies to verify the story written herein. The people contacted included government officials, court clerks, military personnel (active and retired, enlisted) civil servants, people in industry, retired corporation executives and the private sector in general. I obtained information from various people in the United States, England, Spain, France, Nigeria, Canada, Japan, Ecuador, South Africa, Israel and Russia. Although most were willing to verify the stories included in this book, most requested to remain anonymous and some even added information not found in the bag. Additionally, I was supplied with some tapes of telephone conversations. As I stated before, it has taken me hundreds of hours of research and I have spent thousands of dollars to authenticate the incidents I found in the documents I discovered. I’m confident they are accurate accounts.This gets to the point of this book. I have worried and troubled many hours and days as to whether the information contained herein should be released and who would benefit, if anyone. When I read the materials found in that old trunk I was appalled by activities of government and organized crime and impressed how three men worked to counter those activities although sometimes in strange and counterintuitive ways. It changed my life and the way I think of and deal with our government and businesses in the United States and Europe. It has made me more cautious and aware; Im less naive about the system we have contrived in what we call civilization. I decided it was worth the work and risk to bring this awareness to a broader group.I see no reason to keep you in suspense as to why I entitled the book, "I Cant Say." Its simple; the three main characters were required, either implied or as a directive, to not divulge the information presented in this book and this restriction was sometimes enforced with a death sentence. Read this book and learn where Jimmy Hoffa rests, find out about a stash of biological weapons stored in Antarctic caves and three H-bombs embedded in the shoreline of a remote Alaska beach, then you will know why it took me 10 years to brave publishing this book.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000601548398
    • ISBN:  9781301411825

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