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Mali is one country in Africa that portrays the typical African image on the type of civilization that rules the people in their respective villages and small towns. A place where thing are yet remain natural for easy assessment and study, that is the main reason touristic study always come with a great success. Tourism in Mali is focused primarily on its cultural sites, which sets it apart from other African countries with large tourism sector known for their natural features. Mali is the most endowed in World Heritage sites in Africa.  Djingary Ber and Sankore in Timbuktu, The mosque of Djenne, Dogon Country, and Dialloube were all recognized by the international community through inclusion in UNESCO World Heritage. These prestigious cultural sites added to beautiful landscapes, vibrant and colorful neighborhoods and villages and the central Niger Delta with its earthen architecture and its Ramsar sites that host each year thousands of water birds, the Sahara desert whose beauty, in some places, the excitement grows as you By its geographical position, its history and culture, Mali is a tourism and crafts-oriented country. However, the greatest wealth in Mali’s tourism industry is Malians themselves. Their hospitality, warmness and openness to all visitors in other words, the diatiguiya makes each visit to Mali a memorable one. Diatiguiya is not only defined by the extra attention paid to the visitor, but also the quality of sharing and listening. Mali has a rich cultural background and the country celebrates various Festivals throughout the year in different regions: cultural festivals, music festivals, religious festivals, during which discussion forums are organized with the participation of foreigners from all continents This eBook titled: “Tourism in Mali, Tombouctou, Djenne and Dogon Kingdom” is provided for your Guide and information when touring Mali, you don’t need to get lost or frustrated during your tour in any way, and you will have the knowledge of the environment and the places you intend to visit ahead of your visit. Security information is very important when touring a country, our security information is complete to provide you the security once you abide to the instruction given in the book. You may need to read and understand the information related to Mali tourism and its content without traveling to Mali in person, you can only achieve this by making this book your tourism informer (presided for Mali tourism), you will not have any information to miss out

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