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Discovering of Mauritania tourism sector, for those who have no idea of Mauritania tourism sector that has being in existence over the years, but due to security problem in this region of Africa not many people bordered to give it attention, but looking at the present situation the security problem has come to control and Mauritania itself is a secured place for tourism respite that it is a Muslim country, this book has also given you the guide (below) on how to proceed on your tour. Mauritania Travel can be very interesting, with the various landscape features that are available in the African country. Located in West Africa, Mauritania is an extremely interesting country to explore. There is lot of sand and desert in the country, but despite that the country is abundant in rich wildlife, especially birds. There are many ancient and medieval caravans in Mauritania, which attract numerous tourists annually. An interplay of ocean and dunes, where the Saharan dunes end as the wild coasts begin, these are what you can expect to see when you visit Mauritania. It’s deep canyons, its grandiose dune fields, its eye-grabbing plateaus, its ancients cities, the virginal coastlines and the seas of sand that are even larger than some European countries are a few of the things that make this place such an exciting place to visit. Some of the places you should never miss when you visit Mauritania is the Parc National du Banc d’Arguin, which is easily one of the world’s best when it comes to bird-watching and the Nouadhibou, this regions gateway and fishing port that will offer you the freshest and bountiful seafood. Some of the most exciting activities that you can participate in during your journey are trekking, camel riding and even hot-air ballooning. The best time to give Mauritania is between November thru March where the temperature during daytime is around mid-20°C and is quite ideal for touring. At night, it may get very cold, so be ready with clothes that will keep you comfortable This eBook titled: “Tourist Guide on Mauritania” is provided for your Guide and information when touring Mauritania, you don’t need to get lost or frustrated during your tour in any way, and you will have the knowledge of the environment and the places you intend to visit ahead of your visit. Security information is very important when touring a country. Our security information in this book is complete to provide you the security guide, once you abide to the instruction given in the book. You may need to read and understand the information related to Mauritania tourism and its content without traveling to Mauritania in person, you can only achieve this by making this book your tourism informer (presided for Mauritania tourism), you will not have any information to miss out

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    • Ano:  2016
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