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There are many forms of energy. For example; trees which can be seen, are energy. Auto horns which can be heard, are energy. Electric shocks which can be felt are energy. Just because something cannot be seen, heard nor felt does not mean that energy is not present.Humanity for eons has thought, spoken and written about words such as; brain, ego, ghost, mind, persona, soul and Spirit. Often perhaps because of fear, ignorance or superstition these words have been given various meanings, and even those meanings, perhaps due to pressure from cultures, politics, religions and advancing science have changed.It is always wise to seek further scientific knowledge; therefore areas of metaphysics and the paranormal must not be swept under the carpet of close mindedness; rather to be examined for further understanding.It is for this reason that I wish NOT to use the words: brain, ego, ghost, mind, or persona. Rather I simply will use the word soul. In other words, physical human bodies contain the soul, and when the body dies the soul continues as a Spirit in an ethereal body for a varied period of time with the possibility of re-entering another physical body at birth known as reincarnation. AND both forms of bodies are energy.This book has been written primarily to give thought to a subject that has been in the minds of people for thousands of years and perhaps equally so today. The subject of Spiritualism has been rejected by some religions yet accepted by many behind closed doors.As a child, on Sunday mornings, my family attended a Protestant Church, but on Wednesday evenings, my mother would take me to the home of a woman who was not only a member of that Church, but also a medium. I learned valuable lessons there and attended many séances. Later, I became a Nondenominational minister and have written over thirty e-Books on Creative Consciousness.I personally have experienced many instances of the so-called paranormal or metaphysical and learned how to progress with my personal ability of being a Channeler. Now at the age of seventy-nine, I strongly feel that if over structured, organized religions do not preach and demonstrate kindness, compassion, honesty, justice, respect, hope, equality, privacy, patience, forgiveness, ardor and altruism for all races, genders and sexual orientations, then there is still great mental and physical progression needed, and I DO believe that progressive help cannot only come from us Spirits on Earth, rather also from Spirits who have passed through the change called death.Within these pages, please find some experiences which ordinary people have had throughout their lives in dealing with the paraphyscological and metaphysical dealings of communication of loved ones who have passed through the veil called death into the Spirit world.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000862338912
    • ISBN:  9781310075971

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