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This is the most recent fully edited edition published in April 2015. There has been added two entire new chapters of information never published before! One chapter includes a full interview with an employee of the training compound.The linked e-book here (written in 2016) explains a bit more on the nature of the authors government conditioned beliefs, found in many areas of Shadow Scorpion, and how he has weeded through those programmed lies to see the truths of todays reality.***Shadow Scorpion by White Wolf Von Atzingen is an autobiography of a young man who was taken into a branch division of the CIA and trained in the elite and shadowy methods of assassination. Wolf lives a life of extreme struggles against all odds with a broken state of consciousness. Through many years he survives severe mind control, programming, and experiences that can only be described as a living hell. After years of shadow work, unknown even to himself, he begins to see glimpses of his other side and memories that are as foreign to parts of him as torrents of rain in the Gobi desert. Fighting with his mind, with his programming, with his life, with who he thinks he is, as well as for his life, he begins to realize the bigger picture and thus the extreme dangers that await him. Living through the unlivable, and triumphing, Wolf is able to begin the long, toilsome path of healing that takes him to a new level of life and wisdom. Wolf takes the steps of sheer courage and strength to shed the layers of past in order to reclaim all that was taken from him in this incredible story of adventure, violence, courage, pain, dark secrets, love, triumph, healing and rebirth.This is a WARNING:If you feel you have ever had programming and mind-control done to you, you must consider this book, Shadow Scorpion to be potentially TRIGGERING. This book contains real events from the authors life within programming and mind control. If you are currently seeking help for MPD please consult your therapist before reading this book. The triggering issues that could arise for those being controlled by covert programming who begin learning the truth can be very dangerous. The author takes no responsibility for any triggering, misuse or other ill effects from reading the graphic information found within this book.Remember that your mind is a forest floor open and ready for seeds being planted by the world. Maybe the forest floor is properly prepared by life and ready to accept the seed of truth. Maybe the forest is caught in a brutal storm sweeping through and the planting of truth seeds is not possible at this time. You must look at yourself and ask if you are ready to learn the truth.Those of you who feel you are ready to read the truth and can move through the brutality to come to understand that this book is not about violence, but rather hope and evolution of body, mind and spirit will find more than words on a page. Those who have read this book have commented they have begun to find themselves through the author’s life story.Shadow Scorpion is raw and clearly presents one of the biggest cover-up secrets of our time. Told directly from the truth of the author’s life, this book contains deeply eye opening details about this covert secret that is as old as mankind. Are you ready to learn? If so then this book is for you.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001041874603
    • ISBN:  9781465974105

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