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    This is really not a book but the cries and screams of millions of American and free world Veterans; crying out from their graves and their PTSD prison cells. Thirty seven million American vets are alive as these screams and cries are being recorded and what a giant sacrifice for a freedom loving world. For millions of American vets who returned from war during the most publicly hated and unpopular war in history; I was one of the lucky few because of an accident. In a hurry running out the back door; I grabbed the TABOO cap, the one which had the taboo words Vietnam vet written on it. While pumping gas a busy lovely brown eyed lady walked up to me and tilted her head reading my cap and said Vietnam correct? I yanked off the cap and said Woops wrong cap, sorry and through it in the truck. With lovely manicured hands she took my dirty farm hands; looked me in the eyes and said, Sir I want to thank you for your service. The lovely lady disappeared in the flood running down my dirty face. I screamed and cried with so much joy and happiness the birds hushed their singing. My old flop eared dog tilted his ugly head and said whats wrong boss, did your head jump time? That was the first time I felt okay after a century; and feeling okay is heaven and I know there are millions of vets who do not yet feel okay and millions have gone to their eternal rest not feeling okay. I was one of the lucky few. Sweet lady you wrote this little book and saved a life and many PTSD lives. This little book talks about trapped emotions which is a big part of PTSD and anyone who suffers with traumas; children and wives, husbands to horses, dogs and cats can suffer with trapped emotions so hug your kid, wife or husband, your horse, your dog or cat and they will feel good and so will you. It also talks about what you and I can do about the vet and teen suicide epidemic; school shootings and bombings, school or public bombings and how an epidemic of caring and hugging may slow it down. The book shows how shootings, bombings and suicides often happen in the actors 90% subconscious mind and the 10 % conscious mind knows nothing about it; so the actor feels no guilt and would pass a lie detectors test. Our favorite news caster asks the expert on suicides why; and she says were the last to know, they dont tell anyone they just do it? The expert forgot to add the actor knows nothing about it either because his subconscious survivor mechanism was at work Many are able to control their rage through a belief system as in prayer or talking about it to a friend or a willing listener. The called have the gift of forgiving so they can go on with their happy caring life.

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      • Ano de Edição: 2016
      • Ano:  2018
      • País de Produção: Canada
      • Código de Barras:  2020100597338
      • ISBN:  9781514416358

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