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This book is all about a young woman who took on the responsibility of completing to rear her sisters and brothers after the untimely death of their parents. Gladys who was the oldest of five girls and three boys. All of her sisters and brothers were adults at the time of her mothers expiration. There was their dad and five girls with Gladys included left and as well three strong willed boys to be nurtured into a hard and cruel society. She worked every day in attempt to maintain her independence but often communicated with her family by phone every day. They all worked varying hours and some of the girls were married, but even their husbands encountered Gladys if they moved in her direction. Always certain to give her brother in laws respect and always assuring that they respected her sisters. She had one request of her sisters husbands, she needed them to know that these four girls were hers by right. She fought both for her girls and with them when necessary, she gave all she had to correct upbringing of her siblings. She could have been anything she wanted to be but her dedication to her family took precedence over anything she could have desired to be. At one time she was a vibrant woman with a warm smile that seemed to draw one in and captivate them. She drew all of us in and that is where we wanted to be until Heaven requested her presence. It will be difficult to move forward but we all knew that is what she would have wanted and besides she is just over the hill where the sun sets. Our days are numbered and we know not when the bell will toll for us, it is not when that bell will toll for us the question is can we answer to the toll of the bell. Like it or not we must all answer. It is not a matter of when, but the matter is how we will answer to the call. Like the game we played as children ready or not here he comes. Those of us who are unprepared will suffer the consequence. Our God is one who readily forgives and reproves our short comings. It is not his will that any of us should Perish. I know in my heart that you wanted not only the best for us on earth; but you wanted eternal life for every one of us, that I am assured of. I have put my hand in his and I know I cant go wrong. Your memory encourages me to run on a little further in his name. An old preacher told me a long time ago that I didnt have to run fast just keep a steady pace and hold on to the hand of the Lord. There have been times that I have let go of his hand, but even still he kept me. Oh how I want to see him, for then I will know like you know that I have made it home. I can just imagine in my mind that all is well with you and every day is Sunday. Praise has become a way of life for you and the saints on that side. There are no more days of anticipation and wondering what is to come. Worry will be no more all will be well with my soul, I will have made it home where no storm clouds shall rise. I love my children so much that I pray that they too want to live out their lives for him. I have told them as you told me I would have to serve him for myself. When in doubt I ask him for wisdom to understand. There were many times that I worried when you were alone. I remember you said if I worry dont pray, and if I pray dont worry. It was there in those moments that I considered your words and turned my worries over to him. Only his amazing grace has sustained me through the loss of those that I love so dearly. My enemies have been made my foot stool and I shall forever use their backs to walk your way.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: United States
    • Código de Barras:  2020100559732
    • ISBN:  9781496930675

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