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This is a book that is full of surprises! Yuvan’s talents as a naturalist, storyteller and wise young philosopher will certainly delight you whether you are a nature buff or not. The acrobatics and apparent eccentricities of the Indian Roller, the little Barbet that watches people around with endless curiosity from the hollow of a tree, and many other beings that share the world with us are brought alive in a way that gives us a feeling of intimate connectedness with them. As much as human characters in a gripping novel would. The paddy field for Yuvan in his school days was a scene of intense drama to be keenly observed - the innumerable birds, insects, snakes and crustaceans and how they interact in various situations and seasons, partaking of the farming activities of humans. The context for his thoughts and observations in many of his essays has been his school, Pathashaala. One cannot help but appreciate the school that gave space to the flowering of this self-taught naturalist. Any teacher taking children on Nature walks or struggling to make biology classes interesting can use his essays to bring in a spark of excitement and involvement to children today who are so alienated from Nature. But this is also a book for people of all ages that will surely make you look at spiders, caterpillars and many of Nature's creations with new eyes and a gladdened heart. -Seetha Ananthasivan Trustee and Founder, Bhoomi College and Prakriya Green-Wisdom School

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