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A preface pontificates against taking the word of Al Gore and experts on the ultimate cause of the current rise in earth temperature. Chapter 1 starts by supposing CO2 buildup is creating excessive climate warming change. It notes that environmental and geological forces work to draw carbon out of the air. It points out that man can change the earth paradigm to increase prosperity and rid the planet of excess CO2. These include taking CO2 out the air for more energy production. Reversing soil erosion and mineral depletion and pollution by manual effort will help. I note that the sun is heading for a cool down cycle that may counteract the current temperature trend. I note that a build up of temperature in the earth core can explain rising sea levels, rising temperatures, and that we do not know enough to exclude this very reasonable supposition. Chapter 2 is an exhortation to get on with fixing the planet to advance the commonwealth of man, disdaining defeatism, wilderness adoration and things of that sort.

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