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    When I think deeply about the universe, with all its complexity, its coldness, its star formations and its existence, its fury, and its expansion, I always find out that there is a deep connection in this outstanding closed circle. Great humans are those who light up the darkness in their and other peoples existence, as the one single atom that lightened the blackened universe from its very existence. Consisting of electrons that tunnel in the quantum tunnels, it's by far called quantum jumps. As we are jumping from a tunnel to another different tunnel, we don't know what's in there, but we just don't give a damn! Somehow, we know deep down that there will be always a peak of reverence and awe in this magnificent ecstatic evanescent. A deep feelings, mind boggling and a philosophical journey through a youth perspective of life that will cast you out from your comfort zone to the deep universe. The existential bummer throughout the pre-orders and the mind setup when we were born with, all the traditions, thoughts and feelings that we found our self engulfed with from the first day of our life, the reality of realization that not everything is correct as it seems, but a misleading, misunderstanding and a deadliest lies, skepticism and inkling started when he started asking questions.

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