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A preface notes the decline in American economic vitality over the last three decades. It compares the Internet to the interstate highway system and the need to expand the Internet to secure America's future. Chapter 1 notes that information can in fact be secured on the communications lines. It proposes a Trinity of three cables for every user: a secure line, a public access line, and the Internet as is. Chapter 2 proposes a secure broadcast backup system for cell phones and broadcast media. It also proposes an information militia to help secure our communications system when war or emergency demands quick action. Chapter 3 proposes that the construction of the Trinity system and Fourth Dimension broadcast backup be used to bring in full employment. It notes the predation of the multinational corporate businesses upon American prosperity and security and it deleterious effect on the poor nations. Chapter 4 speaks of a life centered on the home as business and living space, a kind of physiocratic view of the world centered on the fiber optic city of light reaching into homes within and without the city. Gung ho for prosperity and a golden age!

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