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This book seeks to explain in simple terms the behavior of fault current through the general mass of earth, the origin of short circuit current and its value, and how a circuit breaker operates. The drawings are unique and allow the reader to visualize the behavior of a fault current. The book clarifies common myths pertaining to a grounding electrode, short circuit, and opens neutral conditions, and provides an unambiguous understanding of the theoretical and practical explanation for an effective earthing and protective system in electrical installations. There are numerous grounding problems and unexplained fault conditions in electrical circuitry that are taken for granted and left unattended for extended periods. Potential voltage can be found on the earthing conductors in processing plants, refineries, and other industrial plants. A combination of topics in this book addresses problems that have been adversely affecting the electrical industry for years. There are a number of systems in the electrical industry that are common in the workplace but are not understood by the average workman who has to work with these systems daily. Systems such as ungrounded systems, clean earthing systems, motor controls, resistance grounding, lightning protection systems, and Intra earthing systems are all common systems; however, the knowledge base of these systems is very limited. This book highlights the basics of these topics and gives a working overview of these systems. The book also discusses the principle of operation of the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). It is expected that the information provided will allow the reader to visualize various types of GFCIs and the principle of operation without necessarily having to revert to other text.

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