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* Book : Gorgias * Biography * Bibliography Persons of the dialogue: Callicles; Socrates; Chaerephon; Gorgias; Polus Scene: The house of Callicles. Callicles. The wise man, as the proverb says, is late for a fray, but not for a feast. Socrates. And are we late for a feast? Callicles Yes, and a delightful feast; for Gorgias has just been exhibiting to us many fine things. Socrates It is not my fault, Callicles; our friend Chaerephon is to blame; for he would keep us loitering in the Agora. Chaerephon. Never mind, Socrates; the misfortune of which I have been the cause I will also repair; for Gorgias is a friend of mine, and I will make him give the exhibition again either now, or, if you prefer, at some other time. Callicles What is the matter, Chaerephon-does Socrates want to hear Gorgias? Chaerephon Yes, that was our intention in coming. Callicles Come into my house, then; for Gorgias is staying with me, and he shall exhibit to you. Socrates Very good, Callicles; but will he answer our ques- tions? for I want to hear from him what is the nature of his art, and what it is which he professes and teaches; he may, as you [Chaerephon] suggest, defer the exhibition to some other time.

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