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In science, answering ‘What’ is simpler than answering ‘Why’. Humans have been learning new things and gaining knowledge about the universe for thousands of years, but the reason behind their existence, the beginning of the universe and the ultimate fate of the both are still concealed. Who was the first person? Where did living things come from? All these questions were unanswerable a couple of centuries ago, but Charles Darwin in 1859 gave us a huge clue. Is black a color? Why do we dream? Can there be a dream within a dream? Sunny Dhondkar takes you through such complex questions in his book Theory vs. Theories. He introduces you to the reality about which you may not have thought before, by thinking on anything through a different perspective. All of the common and frequently-asked questions will be answered in detail with accurate predictions. There will be great competition between various seemingly accurate theories when a question reaches the ‘unanswerable’ category, thus, theory vs. theories.

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