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This book documents the UFO sightings seen at OHare Airport, NASAs Shuttle Atlantis, Area S4, England, Turkey, Russia, Texas, the lunar surface, and much more. Learn about UFO sightings documented around President Obama, Reagan, Carter and more. There are twenty intense chapters, each on a different sighting, plus three bonus chapters on new UFO related information. Did you know there were recently discovered faces on Mars of not one, but four new alien species? The photos are inside this book. Look at this conversation during the OHare Airport UFO sighting that the United Airlines ramp tower and the FAA Area Supervisor had in a nearby OHare tower. We begin to understand some details of a photograph that exists through their interesting and revealing conversation: Ramp Tower: Im sorry, there was, I told Dave, there was a disc flying outside above Charley 17 and he thought I was pretty much high. But, um, Im not high and Im not drinking. OHare Tower: Yeah. Ramp Tower: So, someone got a picture of it. So if you guys see it out there OHare Tower: A disc, like a Frisbee? Ramp Tower: Like a UFO type thing. OHare Tower: Yeah, Okay. Ramp Tower: He got a picture of it. (Laughing) The information in this book clearly identifies and weights the facts and possibilities that exist in new and interesting ways.

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