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Before anything else, the author would appreciate your giving attention to the Anti-Terrorism response pyramid below since the all around composition, in many ways summarize the goal of this book. When you consider the vastness of terrorism and the many directions which are and can be taken, it becomes even folly to envision that any kind of checkmate can be achieved simply on the basis of after the fact reaction. "We must seek pre-active measures". As it turns out, the author has pioneered scientific statistical prediction planning throughout his entire career. Succinctly, what this entailed is the tailgating of the subject of concern with statistical methodology that can underscore "Prediction" within selective quantitative degrees of confidence limits. The number of issues now taking place in our Country nowadays is mind-boggling. One may wonder as how to deal with this dilemma which includes such vital problems as homeland security, military, immigration, criminal justice and education. For sure, the answer to these barnburners can be amenable to scientific statistica inference planning. Unfortunately however, we may end up creating problems in lieu of solving problems due to the taking of only reactive measures.

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