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The book reveals secrets of horse training and discloses the truth about the painful essence of the equestrian sport. The true history of the cavalry and the history of those cruel instruments of strict enforcement that people used for horses over almost thirty centuries, never thinking that there is a completely different way...Also, the book "The Horse Crucified and Risen" shows "how you can be with a horse, in alliance with a horse and on a horse with its consent, and not against its will".Nevzorov let us see in a different light what was treated as a norm for centuries. He pointed out the only true way to a relationship between horse and rider: a way without violence, a path which horse and rider would follow together.He gave everyone a chance to decide what position to take and to join those whose grandchildren will look into horses eyes without any shame.Alexander Nevzorov was one of a few people who understood the core of equestrian sport and was not afraid of calling things aloud by their names.Alexander Nevzorovs contribution to the development of horsemanship is priceless. He did a seemingly impossible thing; he understood the mechanism of the natural horses collection, without any artificial aids. Nevzorovs horses at liberty, at lunge, in hands and while mounted always move in a perfect balanced collection without a bridle. It is necessary to point out that during training Nevzorov never uses bridles or any other restraint, only the cordeo - a thin strap that lies free on a horses neck.He educated his horse to read, write and so communicate which was demonstrated in LEP film.Certainly all this did not happen at one stroke. Alexander had to go a long and difficult way to understand the essence of horse and man relationship. It took years of studying and self-examination for him to admit his own faults, repent and to start everything from the beginning. Then the understanding between horses and him developed to a phenomenal extent.However I am sure that he will not stop at this stage and will go further. What he will achieve at the end... Lets not guess and just wait for new films and books. But one thing is clear: this way leads to understanding of human and horses souls.Alexander Nevzorov is a famous Russian journalist, film director, politician, scientist, writer and horseman. He founder of the Horse Revolution and Nevzorov Haute Ecole - the art of horsemanship in its highest form, where he has managed to keep the tradition of Classical School horsemanship without a bit or bridle for riding in collection. He is an award-winning author of many films including "Horse Crucified and Risen" and "NHE Principles", as well as world-changing books and hundreds of articles.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000306771626
    • ISBN:  9785904788148

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