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    Advanced Nonlinear Optics is a revised and updated version of Physics of Nonlinear Optics (1999). This book mainly presents the physical principles of a great number of nonlinear optical effects discovered after the advent of lasers. All these nonlinear optical effects can find their special applications in modern optics and photonics. The major categories of nonlinear optical effects specifically covered in this book are as follows: 1) Second-order (three-wave) frequency mixing; 2) Third-order (four-wave) frequency mixing; 3) Nonlinear refractive-index changes; 4) Self-focusing, self-phase modulation, and spectral self-broadening; 5) Stimulated scattering effects; 6) Optical phase-conjugation; 7) Optical coherent transient effects; 8) Nonlinear spectroscopic effects; 9) Optical bistability; 10) Multi-photon nonlinear optical effects; 11) Fast and slow light effects; 12) Detailed theory of nonlinear susceptibilities. Request Inspection Copy Contents: Introduction to Nonlinear Optics Fundamental Knowledge of Nonlinear Polarization of a Medium Second-Order Nonlinear (Three-Wave) Frequency Mixing Third-Order Nonlinear (Four-Wave) Frequency Mixing Intense Light Induced Refractive-Index Changes Self-Focusing, Self-Phase Modulation, and Spectral Self-Broadening Stimulated Scattering of Intense Coherent Light Optical Phase Conjugation Optical Coherent Transient Effects Nonlinear Laser Spectroscopic Effects Optical Bistability Multi-Photon Nonlinear Optical Effects Principles of Fast and Slow Light Propagation Detailed Theory of Nonlinear Susceptibilities Appendices: Physical Constants Commonly Used in Nonlinear Optics Numerical Estimates and Conversion of Units Tensor-Elements of the Linear Susceptibility for Crystals and other Media Tensor-Elements of the Second-Order Susceptibility for Various Crystal Classes Tensor-Elements of the Susceptibility of Second-Harmonic Generation for Various Crystal Classes Tensor-Elements of the Third-Order Susceptibility for Crystals and other Media Tensor-Elements of the Nuclear Third-Order Susceptibility in Born-Oppenheimer Aproximation The Solution of Eq. (8.4–14) Derivation of Formulae for Self-Induced Transparency of a 2?-Pulse Index Readership: Graduate students and research scientists/engineers who work in optics, electro-optics, laser technology, opto-electronics, quantum electronics, photonics, engineering, chemistry and other multi-disciplinary fields. Key Features: Covering a broad scope of modern nonlinear optics Presenting both schemes of semiclassical theory of nonlinear susceptibility and quantum theory of radiation Emphasizing equally the fundamental theories, key experimental results, and various special applications

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      • Ano de Edição: 2017
      • Ano:  2017
      • País de Produção: Canada
      • Código de Barras:  2001121145005
      • ISBN:  9789813223066

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