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A preface notes the problem of EMF explanation due to particle and waveform attributes, the blackbody problem and Michelson-Morley. I mention my Unified Field Theory: An Essay as the backdrop of this essay. Chapter 1 opens with some basic notions about science and the problem under discussion. I note Tesla rejected the electron particle, and I note the fluid supposition of the past. Chapter 2 outlines the basic concept of EMF wave banding and how it might come about. It offers an explanation as to why all emissions of EMF have the same velocity, some thoughts on how photons are emitted, and discusses the Law of Right Angular Motion from my previous essay on UFT. Chapter 3 discusses wave properties of EMF from the banding premise. It notes that the distinction between transverse and longitudinal waves, that they can exist separately, is a false statement. I discuss how particles striking a target create a liquefaction of the particle that can produce wave effects, operating in tandem with the incremental frequency of banded particle emissions. I offer explanations for the de Broglie effect on electrons and the Bose-Einstein condensate from the perspective of EMF banding without recourse to the wave-particle duality. Chapter 4 repeats some suggested experiments to study EMF offered in my UFT essay, and adds another to produce nanotechnology klystrons for generating beat frequencies of light wavelength.

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